About Herohero

What is Herohero?

Herohero is a platform designed for creators and their fans.

Who can create on Herohero?

It doesn't matter if you create videos, record podcasts, take photographs, write or even cook. On Herohero you have full creative freedom to upload any type of content.

Why was Herohero founded?

Creative work is a job like any other – and we believe that every job should be rewarded accordingly. That’s why we created a platform with fair conditions, where creators can get financially rewarded directly from their fans.

Why doesn't Herohero have an overview of all its creators or a ‘feed’?

We consider the idea of showing fans of individual creators other profiles – potential competition, undesirable.

Why doesn’t Herohero have ‘like’ buttons?

The platform is designed with regard to mental well-being of its users - that is why we don’t support the idea of relying on “likes” as an index of your work’s quality.

Who’s behind Herohero?

Herohero was started by a group of creatives themselves, who were already working in the space (we previously co-created GoOut – an established platform for cultural events). We are people from the land of artists, writers, and dreamers, in the heart of Bohemia in Prague. We saw there was something missing in the current landscape, a place that evened the playing field and respected everyone involved in the creative process. We wanted to build a better, more dignified way to make an actual living from your original work.

Something is missing?
Let us know so we can make it better