For subscribers

How to start?

  1. Sign up using Google, Facebook, or email.
  2. Search for your favorite creator.
  3. Buy the subscription of your selected creator. This will automatically unlock all of the creator's content.

How to buy a subscription?

  1. Click the Subscribe button on your chosen creator’s profile.
  2. Choose a payment method (Google Pay, Apple Pay, or card)
  3. Et voilà, you have access to the content of your favorite creator.

Pro tip: In case the payment doesn't go through, check with your bank that you have enabled online payments and MO/TO payments.

Where to find receipts for your subscriptions?

All of your subscription receipts can be found in Settings (sprocket-shaped button in the upper left corner of your profile), in the Payments section under 'Receipts'.

How to turn off email notifications for new posts?

You'll receive an email notification every time a creator you subscribe to uploads a new post. This automatic function can be turned off by clicking on the link attached at the end of each email.

How to cancel your subscription?

Go to your profile and click on the Subscriptions section. Then find the creator that you would like to unsubscribe from, and click the 'X' button. The last and final step is to confirm your decision by clicking on the Unsubscribe button. You will still have access to the purchased content until the end of the billing period.

How to delete your account?

In your user profile, click the Settings icon (gear pictogram in the upper left corner), scroll all the way down and select the Delete account option. You will receive a confirmation message in your e-mail. After consenting, your account will be permanently deleted and all active subscriptions linked to this account will be automatically canceled.

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