For creators

How do you start?

  1. Sign up using Google, Facebook, or email.
  2. Fill in your name, bio and claim your domain (
  3. In the Payout section, connect your bank account to the payment gate – Stripe (so that fans can send you financial rewards).
  4. Verify your Stripe account by uploading the required documents.
  5. After successfully completing the verification, your account will receive a confirmation in the form of a verification badge next to the profile name.
  6. Set a subscription fee for the content you will be sharing on your profile.
  7. Upload your first post.
  8. Share your profile.

Pro tip: To gain access to Herohero’s official profile, that regularly informs our creators of new features and facilitates direct communication with our team, message us at

What are the benefits of Herohero?

  • a simple, minimalist design that doesn’t distract, your content stands out
  • no ‘feed’ and no ‘likes’
  • unlimited data upload
  • our own audio and video player
  • local support
  • payment fee of only 10 %.

When will you receive your payout?

Herohero uses Stripe services for processing payments and payouts. After you successfully connect your profile to Stripe and get at least one paying subscriber, you will receive your first payout. If you connect a Stripe account in a currency other than your Herohero currency, Stripe will do the conversion (not your bank). Payouts are automatically sent on the first business day of the month to the bank account linked to your Stripe account.

Payments received during the last 5-7 business days of the calendar month will be paid out together with the payout for the following month (Stripe withholds these payments for the purpose of possible refunds).

You can find an overview of your finances in your Stripe account, which you can access through your profile in the Payout section in Settings.

What fees do we charge?

Herohero takes a 10 % fee + VAT to maintain and improve our platform. This is the only fee you pay.

How to set up an adequate price?

The subscription fee that you set up depends on the type and value of your content. For instance: the subscription fee on Herohero is usually between 4-7 EUR. We recommend setting the fee up around 4-7 EUR rather than 8 EUR, which could potentially be a high amount for a subscriber to pay.

Some creators also found it effective to start at a lower price (e.g. at 4–5 EUR) and later raise the price (to 6–7 EUR).

If you are having any difficulties with selecting a suitable price or have any questions, contact us at, we’ll be happy to help.

Can you create more than one type of subscription for one account?

On Herohero it is only possible to create one type of subscription. One price, for many users, is much more comprehensible and leads to more subscribers. There is no fragmentation of fans into different groups – this helps creators build a more familiar, community-like experience for their fans where everyone is equal.

What if you change the price of your subscription?

Each time you change the subscription price, the change will only apply to new subscribers - existing ones will still be charged the original price. Your fans will always only pay as much as they signed up for. This can also be used for the purposes of various time-limited deals – for example, an offer of a reduced subscription price for a limited number of new subscribers.

How to be successful on Herohero?

Share content that has a unique value. Fans will subscribe to your account if they understand that the content you share is truly interesting and cannot be found anywhere else.

A lot of creators have found it useful to use bonus (premium) content as an extension to their public creations - an extended version of a podcast, a longer version of a Youtube video, etc.

How to promote your content?

  • If you create videos or podcasts, the most effective way of promoting your bonus content is at the start and end of the public version of your podcast/video (e.g. at the start: “Thank you to all of my Herohero subscribers. Your support is highly appreciated.” or at the end: “You can find the extended version on Herohero, the exclusive version contains…”)
  • It is very important to let your subscribers know what they can expect from the exclusive version - your fans have to understand what content they’re paying for.
  • Promoting your account on social media definitely helps. If you create content other than audio or video, promoting your Herohero profile on the internet is a must.

How to manage your community?

The double arrow icon allows you to sort your subscribers by how long they have been subscribed or how much do they pay.

If you for any reason want to remove someone from your community, just select the three dots icon in the upper right corner of their profile and click on "Remove subscriber". The user will immediately lose access to your exclusive content and if they paid to subscribe to your profile, the last amount paid will be automatically refunded.

Does Herohero have any restrictions concerning the type of content you publish?

Herohero does not allow any sexually explicit content or the promotion of gambling, which both conflict with our partners' Terms and Conditions - you can find the full version here. Furthermore, the creators themselves are responsible for ensuring that their content does not violate any applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

Are there any file size limitations on Herohero?

Herohero doesn’t limit the size or length of the uploaded content.

Which media formats are supported?

We support a majority of media formats including most video, audio and image formats, DOC, PDF, RAW, DNG and XLSX. If your desired format is not uploading, please let us know via e-mail

Is your data secure?

Your private data is safely stored on servers owned by Google. We cherish your content, that’s why only paying subscribers are granted access to your content, eliminating the possibility of having any of it stolen.

What information about you as a creator are we required to share with state authorities?

As a platform operator, according to Council Directive 2021/514/EU (DAC7 Directive), we have an obligation to the tax authority to disclose some selected data about you as a creator, as well as about your income that you achieve on the platform.

The data that we are obliged to disclose to the state about you are:

  1. Your identification data - name, surname, business name, date of birth, identification number, place of residence, registered office or business address.
  2. The identifier of your bank account to which we pay you monthly the collected subscription amounts for your creation on Herohero.
  3. The total amount due to you as a reward for your work on Herohero. (Note: The amount is shown gross, that is, before our fee / provision for placing your work is taken into account).
  4. Details of the amounts we deduct as a fee / provide for allowing you to operate on Herohero.
  5. The number of payments you have received from your subscribers.

Information Obligation

We are obliged to inform you that we request and pass on the data of the tax authority, which is imposed on us by law.

What happens if you don't provide all the required information?

We already manage most of the information that is legally required to be shared with the state. However, we may require additional information to fulfill our legal obligations.

If you do not provide us with the necessary information based on our request, we have the obligation to contact you up to two times. In case you do not respond within 60 days, either your account will be temporarily deactivated without the possibility of creating a new one, or the payment of the aggregate sums for the subscription of your subscribers will be withheld until you provide us with the necessary information.

Accounting and taxes

Everyone in the Czech republic that earns more than 15 000 CZK per year is obliged to pay taxes. If you are new to the process of paying taxes, we recommend visiting, where you can find a lot of helpful tips.

A tax invoice will be sent to your email with every payment you receive, which can be used as a statement of income. You can find more detailed instructions on accounting and paying taxes below.

How to deal with invoices from Herohero?

Herohero provides each creator with a document containing an invoice (1st page of the document) for the Herohero fee and a receipt for income (2nd page of the document). A difference between a gross income and a commission charged by Herohero is not accounted for in any way. The creator's income does not come from Herohero, but directly from the creator's subscribers – this income cannot be posted as revenue from Herohero.

You can find your invoices and other documents in your Herohero account settings, specifically in the Payout section, and beside that you will find them coming every month from us to your email address.

Never issue any invoice to Herohero. Always follow the instructions above and in case you are uncertain about anything, do not hesitate to consult it with your tax-advisor or our customer line.

Issuing a VAT document for a subscription

In case your subscriber needs a receipt for their paid subscription, it can be found in their profile settings in the Payment section, under Receipts.

Commission invoice

Herohero acts as an intermediary and a provider of contact with your subscribers. Herohero charges you with a commission 10 % of your gross income from your subscribers + VAT as a consideration for this service. That is the reason why Herohero provides you with an invoice for these services every month that you can post to your records of expenditures.

However, you can use it as a taxable expenditure from the income tax point of view only in case you apply as expenditures your so-called actual expenditures or if you choose to keep your records in an accounting form – in this case it counts as a cost. Should you choose to apply for lump sum expenses or for a lump sum tax, you cannot apply those invoices from Herohero (and neither from others) as a taxable expenditure.

In case you are a VAT payer (see our “Does VAT apply to me?” sections) you might be able to deduce the VAT paid within the invoice from your VAT duty regardless of the form of taxable expenditure you chose within income tax.

Confirmation of income

The second document you receive from Herohero is a confirmation of income from the subscription charges collected from your subscribers. It is a document that certifies you have received your payout directly from your subscriber. Therefore, please do not issue any other invoice to Herohero. This income does not come from Herohero, but from your subscribers.

You should keep this document as a part of your income records. If you are a VAT payer, you might be obliged to issue a VAT document based on these records for the purpose of filling out your tax return.

I am a creator from an EU country other than the Czech Republic. Does VAT apply to me?

If you are a creator from an EU country other than the Czech Republic, harmonized EU VAT rules apply to you. If you are already a VAT payer in your country, enter your VAT number during registration. In this case, Herohero will issue you an invoice for its services, which will be without Czech VAT, and you will calculate the VAT yourself according to the rules of your home country.

It's okay if you are a creator from an EU country other than the Czech Republic and you are not yet a VAT payer. Consider whether you perceive your work on Herohero more as a hobby or if you intend to make a living from it. However, Herohero will issue you an invoice with VAT until you enter your VAT number. However, as soon as you provide your VAT number, Herohero will consider you a person liable to tax and will start issuing you invoices for its mediation services without VAT.

I am a non-EU creator. Does VAT apply to me?

If you are a creator from a country other than an EU country, you are most likely not subject to European VAT. Herohero will issue you invoices for its services without VAT. However, other tax rules from your country may apply to you, but please consult your tax advisor.

How to delete your account?

To delete your account, please contact us via e-mail at

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